Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

The rules and regulations our students follow to ensure consistency

Our rules and regulations help ensure students are treated equally and fairly while studying with us.

The following rules shall be observed by all persons attending training programs at the Master Professional Skill Academy.

ALCOHOL - DRUGS: No person shall attend a class or meeting with the odour of alcoholic beverages on their breath. Violation of this rule will result in immediate dismissal.

ATTENDANCE: Each student shall notify the class members if it is necessary to be absent for any reason from the scheduled classes. Certificates may be withheld for students missing areas of instruction. Late students are to report to the Course Coordinator or Lead Instructor upon arrival to the Training Academy.

ATTIRE: All persons attending programs sponsored by the Master Professional Skill Academy shall attend classes dressed in the following acceptable attire:
·         A. Male personnel: - official course uniform; or - a suit or sports jacket with dress shirt and tie, or sports shirt and sweater;
·         B. Female personnel: - Official course uniform; or - a dress; or - skirt and blouse or sweater combination; or - slacks and coordinated blouse.
CONDUCT: Students shall be courteous, disciplined and consistent with the high ideals of the fire service. Proper decorum shall be observed at all times toward fellow students, Training Academy staff and Instructors. Students are responsible for maintaining any books, equipment, and the buildings made available for their use.
CLEANLINESS: All students shall police and clean up the Training Academy grounds as necessary or as directed by the Training Academy staff.

FOOD AND DRINK: Food or drink shall only be consumed in designated area and shall not be consumed or kept in dormitory rooms.

 Gambling in any form is prohibited.

LOUD NOISES: Officers/Students shall not engage in loud noises in the hallways and shall not use vulgar or unprofessional language or behaviour.

SMOKING: Smoking inside of the Master Professional Skill Academy is strictly prohibited. Smoking is permitted only in designated outside areas.

INFRACTIONS: Infractions of any of the foregoing rules may result in dismissal from the training program and / or subsequent Academy programs.

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