Before Your First Day

Before Your First Day

You've passed the interview. You're enrolled. What should you do before your first day?

You've completed your enrolment, and now you're preparing for your first day of class. What things should you sort out in preparation for the first day?

  • The Student Handbook

  • Your Uniform

  • Your Carrying Case  

  • Some of Your Extra Expenses

  • Your Course Fee and Extra Expenses Payments / Student Loan

    The Student Handbook

    You will need to read and familiarise yourself with the Student Handbook, downloadable from this Web site.

    Your Uniform

    You can get your uniform on your first day in class / on student’s orientation days.
    You also can refer to ACADEMY RULES AND REGULATIONS regarding the proper attire or refer to our officer to get more certainty. 

    Your Carrying Case/Bag/Handbag

    We suggest a small / simple bag in order to ease you to keep it yourself.
    We have provided 1 locker (with keys) for your use to keep your personal things.
    *Ask to our staff to get your own locker
    *You will be charge if you lost that locker’s keys

    Some of Your Extra Expenses

    You should try to organise:

    • Pens (2 pcs : Black, Blue AND Red)
    • Pencils (2 pcs)
    • Puncher (1 pcs)
    • Rulers (1 pcs)
    • Eraser (for the pencil – 1 pcs)
    • Scissor (small - 1 pcs)
    • Test pad
    • Tagging Sticker
    • Ring File 65mm
    • Colourful Pen
    • A4 Paper (Whitepaper + Colour paper) *20-30 sheet

Your Course Fee and Extra Expenses Payments / Student Loan

Your course fees are due on the first day of the course.
Please arrange for your course fees to be paid by or on the first day of the course. If your course fees are not paid by or on the first day of the course, we may stop you attending class until they are paid.
If you are getting a student loan to pay for your course fees, apply as soon as you are enrolled in the course, and make sure your loan is approved fully before the course starts.

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